Jumping into the unknnow

Sergi Torres
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Sergi Torres (Barcelona, 1975) is a writer and speaker who began to question his own life from a very young age. At 21, he experienced a profound transformation. At present, he invites people to live authentically and from the heart. Sergi conducts seminars and work-shops in Spain, Latin America and the United States. He is the author of Un Puente a la Realidad(Océano, 2009), based on A Course in Miracles, and has shared his message in the movie Yo, libre: un viaje al instate presente, made by David del Rosario in 2012.

1- There is No Road
2- Brain-Dependent
3- A Perfectly Coherent out of Control Cosmos
4- The Art of Complicating Things
5- Feared Karma, Loved Karma
6- The Inner Lab
7- With No Fear of Honesty
8- Bud before Flower
9- Jumping into the Consciousness Abyss
10- The Present with No Angels Singing toF Sharp
11- Sentenced to Love!
12- Why soMuch “Sapiens”
13- The Toast and the Present
14- Fear of Being a Genius
15- The Antelope and the Five Lionesses
16- The Flea and the Human Being
17- I Do Not Trust Trust
18- The Formula for Happiness
19- A New Path of Thought
20- This is Not Hollywood
21- Sprinklers of Love
22- Silence
23- The Syndrome of Separated Perception

FICHA TÉCNICA Páginas: 160 Idioma: Inglés Idioma original: Castellano Dimensiones: 14 x 21 cm ISBN: 978-84-939777-8-8